Connecting the Alps with

YOURopean habitats 2016



"Connecting the Alps with YOURopean habitats 2016" is an Erasmus+ Training Course organized by InfoEck and the University of Innsbruck. It takes place from 21 to 27 August 2016 in Obergurgl (Austria) and involves 28 participants from 7 different countries - Croatia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain and Austria. They come together to share their knowledge and to contribute to a stronger European cohesion.


Common theme: Plates collide and build mountains (day 1). Mountains are shaped by climate related effects (day 2). Topography and climate are prominent factors for the evolution of society (day 3). Natural hazards driven by gravity affect the areas where people are (day 4). Some can be strong enough to cause migration (day 5).

Day 1 - Geology


Why do the Alps exist? Thinking about the formation of our continent.

Day 2 - Climate


The Climate (Change) in Europe and beyond.

Day 3 - Tourism


From poor peasant communities to top tourism destinations

Day 4 - Natural Hazards


What are the most frequent natural threats in the different regions?

Day 5 - Migration


Swedish ant in Austria?

(Climate) Migration in Europe.

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