Connecting the Alps

with YOURopean habitats 2016


This Erasmus+ training course brings together people of diverse origin/social backgrounds and it intensively deals with European habitats (particularities and similarities in environment; development of society, economy and tourism; natural hazards; current and future challenges etc.).


Excursions and non-formal learning methods are used to transfer basic scientific knowledge (e.g. geology, weather and climate, natural hazards), social and civic competences (e.g. requirements for labor market, risk management, sustainable tourism, migration), among other skills (e.g. communication in foreign languages, tolerance, cultural awareness) and to equip the participants with the right tools to pass this knowledge on to youngsters.


Here you can find the summary of each day of the training course:


The Stoanmandl and the European Union


Different people are collecting stones from a field of stones. They stack one on top of the other. None of these stones was collected with the intention to fit to another stone. However, with some care there is a way to bring them together – to form a stable Stoanmandl.

Imagine those stones would be nations. Diverse and not founded to fit to any other nation. Nevertheless there was also a way to combine these countries. Imagine these countries are like the stones out of a field of stones. No one is special or large enough to attract attention as surrounded by many other stones. However, if you combine them carefully they suddenly get visible and stabilize each other. If they would leave the Stoanmandl, they would be much less noticeable again.