Day 1

A perfect start to a great journey


We arrived only yesterday and everything seems wonderful! We started the day with a few energizer games that helped us in getting to know each other. One of them was finding the other half of a sliced apple, and the person holding the other half was meant to be our learning buddy for this amazing week! After getting in touch with each other and learning about different backgrounds we took off for the excursion of the day. The weather was fantastic, even though the morning fog was overwhelming it soon disappeared and the sky was clear.

During our walk we had a few stops where we talked about topics like: Why do we have mountains? What are the processes that create them? What tectonic movements created them? How hot spots create volcanos? etc. The landscape was breath-taking, making you forget everything and feeling connected to the nature.

After lunch break and another energizing game we started working on our tasks which were collecting different types of stones and measuring their weight and volume with the relevant equipment in order to determine their density. Afterwards we used that stones to build a “Stoneman” that symbolized how different people, when they make a group effort they are able to construct wonderful things that hopefully will last long.

While walking back down the mountains we stopped at the Stone Pine Forest where we learnt how to find out the age of a tree by taking a sample of its core. The task was interesting but what also caught the attention were the beautiful landscape and the magical atmosphere of the old trees surrounding you. Everybody wanted to stay to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

Sadly we had to move on to get back to Obergurgl to attend a presentation about the life in the valley all year long, describing activities and how the local people developed the area through the years. From a small alienated village it turned into a skiing resort destination.


We ended the day with summarizing the tasks and presenting information about geology in different countries. We had a lot of fun, learned a lot of new useful things and were blessed to spend time in such beautiful surrounding. We hope for more the next days.


The "Diary-Team"

Maria Xantri (Cyprus)

Katarzyna Markowska (Poland)