Day 4

... and other natural hazards


The world we live in is a perishable place, vulnerable to every action. That is why a day focused on learning which dangers affect our world was a turning point in our journey and a trigger, which made us think better about the way we leave.



The whole day was wrapped in curiosity as we were exploring the valley of Obergurgl and its many secrets. It was the perfect place to learn about natural dangers, as the whole shape of the nature there was transformed by them. Avalanches, landslides, floods were among the topics discussed and noticed by everybody. And while man and its interaction with the environment have mostly negative impact, there are some exceptions as well: thinking of creative solutions, humanity discovered ways of helping in minimizing the impact of these natural forces. However, the participants soon realized that this not compensate to the way we treat the passion. The line between natural disasters and man made factors is thin, as what we create most of the time negatively influences the world. Whether we think on how massive deforestation accentuates floods and landslides, or how the pollution aids global warming and changes various factors, participants understood that spreading this message to further more people is a way of making changes.



The day was enriched by knowledge from our guest from Italy, Aureliano Piva representative of the Alpine Convention, who kindly introduced us into the world of a treaty which involves many European countries in the aim of conserving the alpine environment and thoughtful investments in its region. Many questions from the participants arose on this topic, which quickly transformed into a heated debate. All with informative and intellectual purpose, surely!




The day was beautifully ended with a role-play game, where participants were made to apply knowledge they gathered during the day on natural hazards. Whether they were threatened by avalanches or floods, they took their roles as investors, environmentalists, or simple people and brought arguments relevant to the issues. At the end of the game, many ideas where brought, ideas which will surely be heard again from this generations of change-makers! And hopefully, put into action as well.

The "Diary-Team"

Amina Panduru (Romania)