Day 2

... and the other types of water


A new day that brings sunshine ultimately brings a handful of happy participants, excited to create new memories.


If on the first day, people were testing their limits walking up and down the hills, this day their means of transportation upgraded into the cable carts, a posh way of traveling to the top for the modern explorer. But, their happiness was temporary, as the cable carts only took them until the top of the mountain. However a sweet surprise quickly made them regain happiness: an amazing view over the outstanding panorama. Of course, such beautiful scenery had to be celebrated with looots of pictures, out of which perhaps the most beautiful ones where the group ones. A rope with each country's flags and many smiles on the faces of the participants created some amazing memories, as well as some tsunamis from all the mexican waves this excitement produced. To benefit from the excitement, next was a nice practical activity for learning more about climate, where each country had to guess factors about their hometowns.


From the top, they had to risk their comfort zones and step on a tricky but beautiful road, down to the valley and going to the glacier. After a climb which tested their abilities, they reached the ice of the glacier, near to which they learned many interesting facts about this natural formation and got some motivation and ideas for the importance of protecting them.


On the way back, they faced another challenge. A "silent walk", where nobody was allowed to talk and you would walk by yourself. A powerful way to realize how much time we actually spend listening to ourselves, the walk was a revelation to many participants. Revelations which opened discussions at the next stop, a nice occasion to further tackle the ecology theme of the day. More facts about glaciers further completed the idea. The conservation of our resources seemed more necessary than ever, especially after climbing down while passing the signs which showed how much of the glacier melted over the years. As one of the participants noted, it impacts you tremendously when you witness these evidences in real life, compared to seeing them in pictures or the news.



After dinner, participants needed to gain their energy once more. Noting down the best parts of the day, the daily reflection and a nice presentation from the Romanian group which ended with an energetic dance session, all led to the culmination of the day: the stars observation.


Starting with an informative and interactive presentation led by one of the participants, they embarked on the journey of Astronomy. Equipped with sky maps and new knowledge, they patrolled the streets in total darkness (which helped the eyes get accustomed), for the best spot. Their excitement bet the coldness or tiredness and with careful guidance, they all improved their skills in star observation, but most importantly- memories.


And with so many new beautiful memories from a day, we can only hope for a week where each time will be as exciting!



The "Diary-Team"

Amina Panduru (Romania)