Day 0

A new beginning


A new day and a new project brings sunshine into our journeys, even though today we were welcomed by cloudy views and cold temperatures. But nothing of these could stop the enthusiasm and motivation of our participants! Gathering in Innsbruck, where we had the first meeting and chance to get to know each other, we happily embarked on the bus journey that would take us to Obergurgl.

Some, tired from the journey, napped all the way, while others proved their social mastery by chatting with everyone. The unique view was not the only surprise, but the drastic drop in temperatures proved to be the first test for most participants. But, at the sight of happy and carefree alpine cows, at the occasion to breathe the purest air or at the possibility to share your climb with many other amazing people, one quickly forgets what he thought as freezing temperatures.


The venue of the project amazed everyone from the first sight. A traditional but modern place described by coziness and the desire to wrap up in a warm blanket in the room decorated entirely in wood, participants where overjoyed to find an accommodation which exceeded their wildest dreams. And if possible, dinner overcame these expectations even more, with plentiful and delicious dishes that took on even the most pretentious tastes.


Even though such a dinner and overwhelming journey left many participants drained of energy, they found their last resorts and gathered up for the first afternoon meeting. The first encounter as group, where everybody introduced themselves, some in ways funnier or more memorable than the previous, was definitely the first way to building a connected group. After the presentation of the project's activities, the organizers got to something even more exciting: an interactive presentation of Austria's features. Learning facts from the size of the country compared to other EU states to Arnold Scwarzenegger's muscles, combining jokes with real facts and comments from the public, the first intercultural night proved to be a success.


And even though the motivation of the participants is exceedingly high, they knew to save their forces and bed time came early for them. Because, as one of them innocently asked about how energetic the energizers will be and soon discovered that 'very' is an underestimation, they learned that lots of energy will be required for this week. If it lasts until the end is however a mystery we are waiting to see for real.


Until next time, let's all hope for sunny days, happy smiles and many meals as amazing as the first one!


The "Diary-Team"

Amina Panduru (Romania)