Exploring our habitats -

European cohesion through outdoor education in the Alps



"Exploring our habitats - European cohesion through outdoor education in the Alps" is an Erasmus+ Training Course organized by InfoEck and the University of Innsbruck. It takes place from 20 to 26 August 2017 in Obergurgl (Austria) and involves 28 participants from 7 different countries - Croatia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain and Austria. They come together to share their knowledge and to contribute to a stronger European cohesion.


The project aims to increase awareness about the benefits of transnational collaboration by comparing different european habitats - with regards to the topics of geology, climate, tourism and natural hazards. During this training course the participants will be equipped with the right tools to pass this knowledge on to other people.


Common theme: Plates collide and build mountains (day 1). Mountains are shaped by climate related effects (day 2). Topography and climate are prominent factors for the evolution of society (day 3). Natural hazards driven by gravity affect the areas where people are (day 4). Nature protection and the economic use of land often lead to conflicts of interests (day 5).

Two videos of the project:

An interview with the project organisers: